Seeking Partners

Green R & D’s catalyst was developed at the Texas A & M University with financial support from Marcus Oil and Chemical Company. Our patented process makes it possible for the first time to convert inexpensive and readily available natural gas (methane) directly into ethylene. Our company’s edge is our high yield (over 30%). Other workers have achieved much lower yield– about 20%.

At this point we have performed adequate testing and have collected enough engineering data to prove the principle at the bench level. We are quite confident about the feasibility of this technology. Our goal is to seek partners to finance the construction of a pilot plant to to scale up the production of ethylene and be able to license the process for mass production.

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So far, other researchers have had limited success in direct conversion of methane into ethylene because methane molecules are extremely stable. Once a reaction starts, it’s difficult to stop at the desired chemical such as ethylene before methane breaks down further into low-value carbon and hydrogen.


Despite these limitations, major players have initiated investments in this technology. Dow Chemical, for instance, plans to build a $1.7 billion plant in Freeport, Texas to produce ethylene from ethane and other natural-gas liquids, with operations starting in 2017. Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., Sasol Ltd. and Formosa Plastics Corp. are drawing up plans to build new U.S. ethylene plants during the next four years. All these efforts are testimony to the fact that the market is ready for this technology, and the pioneers will reap the maximum profit from it.